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Psalm 68:6 - God sets the solitary in families: he brings out those which are bound with chains
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God gives each one of us a family where we are to be loved, encouraged, equipped, and secure.  We believe that the family unit provides the very foundation of God's work in an individual's life.  As Psalm 68:6 tells us, it is through the loving support of our family that God enables us to break the strongholds that hold us back.  Satan knows this as well, so he is busily trying to destroy that foundation, and keep us from experiencing God's best. 

It is our heart's desire to provide encouragement and support to others  that may be struggling in their family life in one way or another.  We believe that every life is created and ordained by God for a purpose, regardless of the circumstances an individual finds themself in.  Identifying God's purpose in our circumstances, and determining to join Him in His plan, is the only way to experience true joy in the midsts of life's struggles.  

One of the most significant ways the Lord has worked in our life is through children.   We desire to see all children be accepted and loved from their very conception.   With that as our purpose, God has called us to minister to families that are expecting children. God showed us His heart for children back when our family was young.  We came to understand how every child is a blessing from the Lord, regardless of the circumstances we are in.  It is all a matter of accepting that gift, and relying on the Lord as we love and care for them.  He fills the gaps we have in our abilities and means when we allow him to.  Often, that is through fellow believers who are willing to come along side to help and support us.

Those truths are a big part of the reason Kelly has trained to become a Certified Professional Midwife. She now helps families have a wonderful start by ministering to them through pregnancy and with the birth. With knowledge and wisdom, families can make well informed decisions about how to receive God's blessing in a manner that strengthens them as a family, and sets a foundation for success in family life.   Please visit her website at Divine Design Midwifery Care

We especially have a heart for those families that for one reason or another, may be struggling with their pregnancy, especially unwed mothers.  We feel the Lord is giving us a message and preparing us to minister to women and all those affected by the pregnancy.  We look forward to seeing how God will move us forward in that endeavor.